Cegeac, an expert accountancy firm in Cannes and Nice

Cegeac, expert comptable à Cannes, Le Cannet et dans les Alpes-Maritimes

member of JPA International

Audit, Expert Accountancy, Consulting

Le Cannet



"At your side to offer you solutions"


A dynamic team, where every member has varied and complementary skills,
allowing us to respond effectively to the different problems faced by entrepreneurs.

Le cabinet cegeac, expet comptable à Cannes et Nice



A responsive team, able to react quickly in any situation to deal with urgent matters.

A united team, that knows how to combine our individual knowledge to provide the best customer service.

A competent team, benefiting from professional training that enriches everyone's technical knowledge.

A team that is up to date with the latest news and will be able to support your company through the major challenges it faces.